What is Data Farming?

In short, it is a scientific methodology, which utilizes high throughput computing to generate large amount of data with computer simulations, whose results are analyzed to find new insight about the studied phenomena.
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How does Scalarm work?

Scalarm follows the master-worker pattern to distribute computations among selected resources and to collect all results in a central (yet scalable) point.
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The problem of Scalability

Scalarm is the first massively self-scalable platform for conducting data farming and parameter studies. It allows to define rules for scaling the platform in an automatic manner based on multiple monitoring parameters. Read more ...

Download and License Info

Scalarm is written in Ruby. It is fully open source and available at GitHub. You can download it on your own or you can contact us to get our assistance.
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Who We Are

We are a part of Computer System Group at University of Science and Technology AGH. We are closely collaborate with Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH in Krakow.

Scalarm was developed as part of: